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15. 16 years of GoSquared (Part 1)

On 3rd February 2022, GoSquared celebrated its super sweet 16th birthday. Here are 8 lessons from those 16 years — on building, ideas, and on customer relationships.

14. The January Blues

In my first episode of 2022, I talk about how I’m getting through the darkest month of the year, and why January can actually be a great time reflect, reset, and build a stronger you for the year ahead.

13. The Great Resignation

After a year and a half, it seems that more people than ever are looking for a change in their lives. In this episode I look at how to handle team changes in the wider context of what some have dubbed "The Great Resignation".

12. Steve Jobs

This week marks ten years since Steve Jobs passed away, so in this episode I share how the great man himself inspired me early on.

11. What to do when Everything Breaks

After a brief hiatus, I'm back for our eleventh episode. This week I share why it's so important to take a break, to rest, and recharge your batteries.

10. Time Management

We've reached the huge milestone of episode 10 – thank you, dear listener! In this episode I talk through what I have learned about time management – from how I use my calendar, to the importance of making time for reflection.

9. Finding Focus, Writing, and Habits

In episode 9 I share why it's so hard to find and regain focus in a business and how I'm working to address it. I also explain how writing helps me break down complex topics, and revisit some of the habits I've been working on over the last few weeks.

8. How soon should you launch?

This week we just launched a new product at GoSquared: Lead Forms. Launches are always exciting but how do you know when it’s too soon (or too late) to launch?

7. Ask Me Anything (AMA) Special

In this special episode of the podcast I share my answers to three questions I received when doing an AMA (Ask Me Anything) with the Software as a Service community on Reddit this week.

6. Planning, and Building Healthy Habits

Why do I hate planning so much? This week I share how I've reframed "planning" to help me do more of it. Plus I share what I've learnt from the latest book I've been reading: Atomic Habits.

5. Working On vs In the Business

Last week I spent too much time "in" the business – actioning urgent tasks, contributing on design, writing, and making small, quick decisions. Instead, I should have been spending it "on" the business. So what am I doing about it?

4. Vision vs Profit, Realism vs Optimism, and How to be More Helpful

A few things on my mind: is it OK to be unclear on the vision of your business? Why are startups so hard? How do you balance realism vs optimism? And can you be more helpful with your team?

3: Anxiety vs Exercise, Bad Decisions vs No Decisions, and Goals

In episode three I talk (very) openly about how I'm working through some business challenges, discuss the value of transparency, the importance of goals, and why I benefit so much from a healthy routine.

2: Strategy, Tactics, and Building Habits

In episode two of Lost and Founder, I share my latest thinking on strategy, why strategy is different to tactics, and talk about building healthy habits both at work and home.

1: Intro, New Quarter Anxiety, and OKRs

In the first (and hopefully not only) episode of Lost and Founder, hear how a new quarter is causing some anxiety for me, and what to do when everyone looks to you for answers.