4. Vision vs Profit, Realism vs Optimism, and How to be More Helpful

A few things on my mind: is it OK to be unclear on the vision of your business? Why are startups so hard? How do you balance realism vs optimism? And can you be more helpful with your team?
LOTS of people reaching out after episode three either going through similar struggles or know people who are. YOU ARE NOT ALONE!

In episode four I surface a few of the many things on my mind since last week – whether it's OK to be unclear on the vision of your business, why startups are so hard, how to balance realism vs optimism, and how to be more helpful with your team.

Key highlights / actions this week:
  • Vision is good, but a business is better (in my opinion) – ideally you want both!
  • Maintain a healthy optimism when building a business – start with yes to avoid shutting ideas down too early.
  • Don’t ask “How can I help?” – try to be more helpful than that by offering suggestions.
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