5. Working On vs In the Business

Last week I spent too much time "in" the business – actioning urgent tasks, contributing on design, writing, and making small, quick decisions. Instead, I should have been spending it "on" the business. So what am I doing about it?
In episode five I chose to focus on one topic that's been on my mind: spending my time in the best way possible as a founder, and as the CEO.

I'm sure many of the others founders listening along also started out as makers – either as programmers, designers, or perhaps another creative field.

But as you've grown your business and added people to your team, perhaps you've struggled with what I frequently come up against: prioritising time between actioning work "in" the business and working "on" the business.

In this episode I share a few of the ways I'm trying to keep myself on track.

Key highlights / actions this week:
  • To be a better version of yourself, try to visualise that person and ask what they would do next time you're in a tricky situation.
  • Box your time – either by hour or by day, to give you time for the important and the urgent tasks.
  • Don't be too harsh on yourself or your team-mates: everyone in the world is tired and exhausted after over a year of the global pandemic. It's OK to not be your 100% self right now.
Thanks again to everyone who is tuning in – if you have any thoughts on this episode, let me know!

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Thanks, and see you next time!

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