2: Strategy, Tactics, and Building Habits

In episode two of Lost and Founder, I share my latest thinking on strategy, why strategy is different to tactics, and talk about building healthy habits both at work and home.
Thank you so much to everyone who tuned in for episode 1 last week!

This week I wanted to follow on from some of the topics we touched on last week – particularly around starting a new quarter, and the need to define strategy without a crystal ball to see what works.

I also touch on when to use data vs your gut and why sometimes gut is under-rated (and how it's not something many want to admit to using these days).

As a second part of today's episode, I talk about forming habits – why I bought a skipping rope at the weekend, and how you can grow as an individual and as a company by building small, healthy habits.

Why this all belongs together in one show? It's all on my mind – and Good Strategy + Healthy Habits I think can lead to great success.

I truly hope you enjoy episode two, and please let me know on Twitter if you want to hear about another topic next time!

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